We are the group of people who sleep on the floor or other hard surfaces to promote natural and anatomical way of sleeping for back and neck health and overall well-being.

Sleeping on hard surfaces is an anatomically correct way of sleeping for the human body. It has tremendous benefits for the health of many systems of your body, including your vascular, digestive, nervous, respiratory and skeletal systems, and especially and particularly the health of your back and neck!


Hi! My name is Karina. I started this blog because I always wanted to share my way of maintaining healthy and pain-free back and neck via sleeping on hard surfaces (i.e. the floor, although you can make your own DIY hard bed too..) I have a pre-existing neck condition that has been giving me a lot of pain for a long time, exacerbated by unnatural sleeping patterns (hello soft mattress!). Ditching the mattress+ the pillow combo has allowed me to significantly heal and eliminate 100% of my pain and discomfort and continues to help me live back pain-free! I am not selling anything. I have no agenda. Just want to share what has had a huge positive impact on my health, and maybe it can help you too!