20 facts about sleeping on the floor

I like lists, so here is my list of facts, benefits and advantages of sleeping on the floor. At first I thought I’ll do just 10, but they just keep popping up in my head and I keep adding them, so I don’t know how many we will end up with :) Sleeping on the floor is just that good for you! You’ve probably already read about some of these things, and some are new. I’ll talk about all of these extensively in the articles in this blog, but I wanted to write this particular post like a quick sprint instead of a marathon, so you’ll only find quick and raw facts here. If you can come up with more, comment below ;)

1. Sleeping on the floor helps your body realign into its natural state.

2. Sleeping on the floor helps your muscles relax and get the rest they need.

3. Sleeping on the floor prevents pinched nerves and reduces pain in various parts of your body including back, neck and limbs.

4. Sleeping on the floor helps prevent suppressed arteries and improves your blood flow.

5. Sleeping on the floor feels like a night on the massage table…

6. … but only after you get used to it!

7. Sleeping on the floor will help you increase space in your bedroom (because no one needs that bulky bed monster anymore!)

8. Sleeping on the floor can help you save money (Because no one needs that expensive bulky bed monster anymore!)

9. Sleeping on the floor without a pillow may make you look younger. Some sources state that it can drastically reduce the amount of your future wrinkles, because you don’t spend hours and hours pressing your face in the pillow.

10. Sleeping on the floor helps your body flush toxins!

11. Whether you sleep on the floor or on the bed, your neck does not need any support. Ditch the pillow! You will notice any stiffness and neck pain you may have had gone in a few days!

12. Sleeping on the floor gives you maximum comfort and relaxation which improves your mood in the morning.

13. Due to improved blood flow sleeping on the floor rejuvenates your skin

14. You are getting better quality of air when you sleep on the floor. The bottom layers of the air are cooler and more moist than the top ones.

15. Your lungs work better when you sleep on the floor.

16. You can forget about stiff neck in the morning. Also stiff and numb arms, legs, hips or anything else!

17. Some people believe sleeping on the floor can even help lift depression.

18. Sleeping on the floor protects against pelvic prolapse!

19. Sleeping on the floor is completely natural. Humans have slept on hard surfaces forever, and animals are still doing it.

20. Your liver works better when you sleep on the floor!


Note: I am not a doctor and do not have professional knowledge of medicine/health of various systems of the body. This article is based on online research combined with personal experience of myself and other people. I do not provide medical advice or any type of guarantee. I also care about your health safety. If you know of a reason that prohibits you from sleeping on the floor, please do not do it. If your doctor told you not to sleep on hard surfaces, please do not do it. (Unless you do your own research and understand the risks for your potential condition.)